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Elections BC sides with IntegrityBC on prohibited donation to B.C. Liberals

IntegrityBC has called on the B.C. Liberal party to stop behaving as though B.C. charities are a private piggy bank to help beef up party coffers, this after Elections BC told the party to return a 2011 donation from the Vancouver Art Gallery Association.


TRIUMF Lab helps make case for electoral finance reform

In what it now calls a “learning experience”, TRIUMF—Canada’s nuclear physics laboratory located at the University of British Columbia—finally acknowledged last week that it wasn’t the most prudent of moves to make $3,370 in political donations to the B.C. Liberal party over the past three years.


TRIUMF laboratory defends controversial donation to the BC Liberals

Political fundraising dinners have landed TRIUMF in hot water.

TRIUMF, the Canadian national physics laboratory located at UBC, donated a total of $1950 to the BC Liberal Party in the form of tickets to fundraising events in 2011.


IntegrityBC responds to Triumf statement 

Triumf’s attempt to explain away donations to the B.C. Liberals as their way of promoting science and technology advancement blemishes the laboratory’s reputation for excellence.


IntegrityBC calls on B.C. Liberals to return Triumf donations

IntegrityBC is calling on the B.C. Liberal party to return the $3,370 that Triumf has donated to the party since 2009. Triumf is the publicly funded nuclear and particle physics laboratory at the University of British Columbia.