IntegrityBC News Releases


  1. Commentary: Perhaps it’s time for an outside legal opinion on the inside legal opinion (November 17, 2016)
  2. An open letter to John Dyble (November 10, 2016)
  3. Commentary: Victoria’s pricey secrets (November 2, 2016)
  4. Request to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for investigation (November 3, 2016)
  5. Commentary: Do away with messy public tenders, pre-approve instead (October 26, 2016)
  6. Commentary: We’re the B.C. government and we approve this message (October 13, 2016)
  7. Commentary: Haste, politics and intrigue: The perfect B.C. storm (September 22, 2016)
  8. Commentary: The state of B.C.’s wallets for National Payroll Week (September 12, 2016)
  9. Commentary: Car crashes up? Not so fast (September 2, 2016)
  10. Dumb luck or design? Site C’s direct award contracts say a bit about government procurement (August 23, 2016)
  11. Commentary: Ready, fire, aim (August 10, 2016)
  12. Commentary: Naked Lunch,, Fraser Downs Racetrack – just some of the government’s $49.8 million in credit card charges (July 28, 2016)
  13. Commentary: Three blind LNG mice, see how they spin (July 21, 2016)
  14. Commentary: Only the right pedigree need apply (July 12, 2016)
  15. Seven reasons why it’s time to hit pause on the Massey Tunnel replacement project
  16. Commentary: Site C’s ‘independent’ old boys network (June 23, 2016)
  17. Commentary: The forgotten ones: renters (June 17, 2016)
  18. Commentary: Martyn Brown, telling it like it is (June 8, 2016)
  19. Commentary: A political mindset sets in (May 25, 2016)
  20. Commentary: Care for a dose of accuracy with that spin?  (May 15, 2016)
  21. Commentary: The B.C. government one big, systemic family (May 2, 2016)
  22. Commentary: The company(ies) BC Hydro keeps
  23. Commentary: How much is too much in political donations?
  24. Commentary: Local governments could use a lot more sunshine, as in transparency
  25. Commentary: Favours owed, favours due
  26. Commentary: Up, up and away with Air Christy
  27. Commentary: One hand giveth, another taketh away
  28. Commentary: What’s good for the B.C. Liberals may not be good for B.C. Hydro
  29. Commentary: Lobbyists a profession in need of a makeover
  30. Submission: Special Committee to Review the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act
  31. Commentary: Province’s protracted peer review promise points to other problems 
  32. Commentary: New Year’s resolution time for B.C. MLAs
  33. Commentary: B.C.’s economy: up, down and sideways
  34. Commentary: Does B.C. politics have a “dark money’ problem?
  35. Commentary: B.C. trade missions fail to deliver bang for buck
  36. Commentary: Time out needed for bullies at city halls
  37. Open letter to head of B.C. Public Service Agency calling for update and investigation 
  38. Commentary: The B.C. government’s seven stages of damage control
  39. Commentary: The reckless rush to sign the Port Mann Bridge deal
  40. Commentary: Patronage heaven, keeping it in the family
  41. Dear Ms. Farrell: In the matter of Partnerships BC
  42. Commentary: Forget the bonus, the real money is in severance pay
  43. Commentary: The flip side of B.C.’s infrastructure coin
  44. Commentary: Million here, billion there, infrastructure cost overruns add up
  45. Commentary: Victoria’s far reaching tentacles into universities and local agencies
  46. Commentary: Auditor general for local government, designed to fail or left to implode?
  47. Commentary: Meet B.C.’s new LNG dance partner Malaysia
  48. Commentary: Shred-It, iTunes and Twitonomy – just some of the government’s credit card charges
  49. Commentary: Towns in turmoil, province fiddles
  50. Commentary: Three of the government’s favourite words: out of scope
  51. Commentary: B.C.’s housing escalators: one goes up, one goes down
  52. Commentary: From the Dobell Doctrine to the dearth of documents
  53. Commentary: One player’s possible role in health firings overlooked
  54. Commentary: The future of LNG? Sold to the lowest bidder in the back row
  55. Dear Drex: Why monosyllable answers don’t always cut it
  56. Commentary: Don’t mind the elephant in the room, we’re redecorating
  57. Commentary: How a deadly C. difficile outbreak unfolded before everyone’s eyes
  58. Commentary: Hard lessons from local elections
  59. Commentary: Odd and telling political donations from 2014 
  60. Commentary: Don’t mistake voter tracking for voter engagement
  61. Commentary: New finance ministry fact sheet omits a bit
  62. Commentary: Vancouver’s campaign spending contagion spreading fast
  63. Commentary: B.C. budget pushes dream of white picket fence further out of reach
  64. Commentary: Open Government from ‘key priority’ to ‘what’s that?’ in four years flat
  65. Commentary: U.S. docs flagged failings with oversight of B.C. clinical trials
  66. Commentary: Disclosure by drip on health firings doesn’t cut it
  67. Commentary: TransLink, loathe them or loathe them
  68. Time to clip some wings and trim some salaries at B.C. legislature
  69. Commentary: Five New Year’s resolutions for B.C.’s politicians
  70. What does B.C. want for Christmas? A Plan B.
  71. Local election spending: vive la différence
  72. Submission to the Special Committee on Local Elections Expense Limit
  73. Commentary: Local elections: the good, the bad and the ugly
  74. Commentary: Time to get ready to vote
  75. Commentary: Government and pharma, too cozy for comfort
  76. Special Committee on Local Elections Expense Limits: don’t rush it, do it right
  77. Commentary: It’s time to appoint a special prosecutor on healthcare firings
  78. Commentary: Premier’s trade mission weighed down by ‘unique’ delegation
  79. Commentary: Ministerial accountability slip slidin’ away
  80. Commentary: Anatomy of the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant
  81. Time to turn down the thermostat on defamation threats in Penticton
  82. Commentary: Commissioner’s opinion on Pat Pimm misses mark by country mile
  83. Commentary: What’s behind the malaise with local elections in B.C.?
  84. Commentary: Lessons from Mount Polley
  85. Commentary: Crony capitalism alive and well at Mount Polley
  86. IntegrityBC promotes ALC consultation on Facebook
  87. Did TransLink act on 1992 SkyTrain safety review by TTC?
  88. Commentary: For everything else, there’s the government purchase card
  89. Commentary: Troubling isn’t the word for it, Mr. de Jong
  90. Commentary: Meet B.C.’s Ford Nation
  91. Commentary: It’s all in the name. Or is it?
  92. Commentary: The murky world of B.C.’s lobbying industry
  93. Vision Vancouver pot calls NPA kettle black
  94. Commentary: Financial reporting season opens at city halls across B.C.
  95. Time for B.C. Liberals to end corporate sponsorships of fundraisers
  96. Five B.C. cabinet ministers at elite B.C. Liberal party fundraiser today
  97. Private $5,000 a plate dinner with B.C. premier raises concerns
  98. Commentary: Government consultations – Is anyone really listening?
  99. MLA expense disclosures don’t require two new staff
  100. Commentary: Local infrastructure projects run amok
  101. Commentary: It’s not a conflict of interest if it happens in B.C.
  102. Kootenay ALC stats cast doubt on Bennett’s claims
  103. Commentary: Odd, outlandish and over-the-top donations to B.C. political parties
  104. Commentary: Who’s afraid of a little debate?
  105. IntegrityBC issues the Vancouver campaign finance challenge
  106. Commentary: When one million job openings may mean 210,000 new jobs
  107. B.C. government does about-face on length of office for local government  
  108. Commentary: B.C.’s budgetary sleight of hand
  109. Commentary: Too many struggling to get by in a have province
  110. IntegrityBC launches Reimagine B.C. consultation
  111. Seek second opinion before filing BCTF appeal
  112. Commentary: Time to bite bullet on regional police force for Metro Vancouver  
  113. Commentary: Government subterfuge on local campaign spending limits
  114. Double-dipping MLA bills legislature $15,052 for expenses
  115. Seek court reference on electoral boundaries commission amendments
  116. Commentary: Government’s double standard on electoral boundaries ill-advised
  117. Commentary: Five New Year’s resolutions for B.C.’s politicians
  118. Commentary: TransLink referendum: be careful what you promise
  119. Commentary: Agricultural Land Commission deserves clarity not obfuscation
  120. Pat Pimm tries to rag the puck
  121. Pimm has no choice but to resign
  122. Commentary: Too many politicians in the municipal kitchen
  123. IntegrityBC releases submission on Local Government Elections Reform
  124. Commentary: Silence of the lambs: local election reforms deafeningly so
  125. Time for comprehensive compensation review at B.C. Crown corps
  126. Commentary: Government has bad case of cold feet on local election rules
  127. Metro Vancouver marching to the beat of its own drummer on incinerator
  128. Multicultural outreach strategy played fast and loose with charities
  129. Commentary: Vancouver is pricey and it’s about to get a whole lot pricier
  130. Commentary: Local councils are not fiefdoms
  131. Commissioner’s investigation into multicultural outreach strategy falls short
  132. Government needs to come clean on Big Pharma’s influence
  133. Time for political parties to break addiction to Big Pharma cash
  134. British Columbians can’t afford to pay for BC Hydro’s boondoggles
  135. Sticker shock over city hall payouts
  136. B.C. Liberals talk restraint but fall flat on the walk
  137. Some modest proposals for good governance in B.C.
  138. NDP vote stalls in reverse
  139. B.C. Liberals only party mum on reforming system
  140. What ails B.C.’s democracy?
  141. IntegrityBC has message for party leaders before CKNW debate
  142. IntegrityBC to host screenings of Sean Holman’s Whipped: the secret world of party discipline
  143. True or false quiz released over B.C. Liberal claims on political donation ban
  144. It’s the “econo-ment” stupid
  145. B.C. Liberals in no position to give other parties lessons on political fundraising
  146. The confidence gap: restoring our trust
  147. Polak and B.C. Liberals don’t get it on electoral finance reform
  148. IntegrityBC releases party questionnaire in advance of May 14th election
  149. Greasing the wheels of B.C.’s political parties
  150. IntegrityBC’s all-candidates challenge to party leaders
  151. IntegrityBC releases B.C. Jobs Plan website stats
  152. Majority back ban on corporate and union donations to B.C. political parties
  153. Open government doesn’t equal 18 pages to B.C. Jobs Plan campaign
  154. Tuesday’s ‘culture of entitlement’ gives way to Thursday’s ‘culture of impunity’
  155. Constituency office budgets don’t pay for 75,000 BTU furnaces
  156. From Pringles to the Royal York, Partnerships BC CEO spares no expense
  157. B.C. Liberals must repay government if found to have misused public funds
  158. At $18.2 million, election campaigns don’t come cheap in B.C.
  159. IntegrityBC recommends platform commitments for all parties before election
  160. IntegrityBC disappointed in Throne Speech
  161. Mixed messages from B.C. government on jobs
  162. IntegrityBC commends Independent MLAs
  163. B.C. Liberal party must return donations from companies at centre of Chinese corruption scandal
  164. Mortgaging B.C. one deal at a time
  165. Clark right and wrong on auditor-general
  166. Picking our pockets
  167. Fiscal transactions between two B.C. political parties raise questions
  168. B.C.’s fiscal tsunami
  169. Councils and boards need to stop questioning Question Periods
  170. Decision not to reappoint Auditor General bad for B.C.
  171. Time to break addiction to secret meetings
  172. Time for changes to MLA pensions and perks
  173. B.C. Liberal party expenses out-of-whack
  174. Greater Victoria Public Library board tone-deaf to public’s concerns
  175. IntegrityBC releases Christy’s Christmas Castle animation
  176. Slap on wrist for legislature staff doesn’t cut it
  177. B.C. Liberals must pull government ads in lead up to 2013 election
  178. Vancouver’s municipal “super PACS”
  179. IntegrityBC launches “Take back BC” campaign
  180. B.C. Election Act: time to start from scratch
  181. Time to chill-out in Lillooet
  182. Court strikes down B.C. gag law
  183. City of Victoria way out of line on “Section 43” app
  184. Déjà vu at the Union of B.C. Municipalities conference
  185. Open Letter to Premier Christy Clark on recalling the B.C. Legislature
  186. Time for MLAs to take their seats in Victoria
  187. Ex-Chief Electoral Officer takes wife to Kenya on taxpayers’ tab
  188. IntegrityBC robopoll shows District Council out-of-step with residents
  189. BC government didn’t need an audit to know something amiss at ICBC
  190. In B.C., democracy has a price tag. Sometimes.
  191. B.C.’s Auditor General short changed by government
  192. IntegrityBC to conduct robopoll in Lillooet
  193. White House salaries put to shame by B.C. municipal paycheques
  194. View Royal passes electoral finance reform motion
  195. IntegrityBC accepts gauntlet, does tally
  196. Elections BC sides with IntegrityBC on prohibited donation to B.C. Liberals
  197. Lillooet rapidly becoming basket case of municipal governance in B.C. 
  198. TRIUMF Lab helps make case for electoral finance reform  
  199. TRIUMF laboratory defends controversial donation to the BC Liberals
  200. Toughen rules on party registration and deregistration in B.C.
  201. IntegrityBC responds to Triumf statement 
  202. IntegrityBC calls on B.C. Liberals to return Triumf donations
  203. Open Letter to Minister of Justice and Attorney General Shirley Bond
  204. IntegrityBC releases answers to byelection questionnaire
  205. Dix to be commended for renewing NDP’s call for a ban on corporate and union donations
  206. IntegrityBC releases questionnaire for byelection candidates
  207. Commentary: Who really runs city hall?
  208. IntegrityBC in conversation with Occupy Vancouver activists
  209. IntegrityBC releases 2011 Broomstick awards 
  210. IntegrityBC releases BC Conservative leader’s video answers to Facebook questions
  211. Open government isn’t about selling access at BC Liberal “power lunches”
  212. Vancouver council to be commended for passing campaign finance reform motion
  213. Clark breaks word with Facebook users
  214. Clark and Bond wrong on public, wrong on electoral finance reform
  215. IntegrityBC releases first of four videos by Cariboo North MLA Bob Simpson
  216. IntegrityBC ad in Georgia Straight has Clark in NASCAR driver’s suit
  217. BC voters dubious, anxious and want answers according to IntegrityBC poll
  218. IntegrityBC puzzled by BC Ferries’ claims on fuel surcharge
  219. Dermod Travis: Making the case for electoral finance reform in B.C.
  220. In 2009 BC Liberals proportionately outspent 2008 Obama campaign – IntegrityBC
  221. Pattison Outdoor censors IntegrityBC ad– CBS Outdoor accepts identical ad
  222. “Who really runs BC?” campaign
  223. Smart Tax Alliance half way there on privacy policy
  224. Commentary: HST referendum no excuse to change Initiative Act
  225. IntegrityBC’s statement on the HST results
  226. IntegrityBC: Survey found British Columbians are opposed to having kids vote in party leadership races
  227. IntegrityBC releases links on B.C. Ferries CEO Hahn’s claims
  228. IntegrityBC posts Dix responses to ‘person on the street’ questions
  229. Letters from IntegrityBC to the Smart Tax Alliance and FightHST regarding their privacy policies.
  230. Crafty Smart Tax Job Claims
  231. IntegrityBC: voters increasingly baffled by misleading HST advertising
  232. Smart Tax Alliance Ads Muddy to Already Muddy Water
  233. IntegrityBC releases voter questions for Premier and NDP leader
  234. Clock ticks on Clark’s answers
  235. Five of six Vancouver-Point Grey candidates answer questionnaire
  236. IntegrityBC releases questionnaire for Vancouver – Point Grey candidates
  237. NDP and Liberals should be worried about turnout in leadership votes
  238. Government Watchdog IntegrityBC launches