IntegrityBC to conduct robopoll in Lillooet

(Victoria, 2 August 2012) – Due to dozens of calls, letters, faxes and emails received from residents of Lillooet following an IntegrityBC news release on town governance issued on May 23rd, the organization will conduct a robopoll of residents to better gauge local opinion. The robopoll will be undertaken from August 7th to 10th. These dates were chosen so that residents would first have an opportunity to hear from the District of Lillooet on its response to the alternative water proposal put forward to the approved Cayoosh Creek plan before answering the robopoll.

By announcing the robopoll in advance, IntegrityBC hopes that residents will take the time to answer the questions so as to ensure that the results are as representative of local opinion as possible. All responses will remain anonymous.

Unlike a traditional public opinion survey with a set sampling size, IntegrityBC’s robopoll will attempt to contact every resident of Lillooet with a listed telephone number. Those with an unlisted number or cell phone only are invited to contact IntegrityBC at to use an online version of the survey.

IntegrityBC hopes the results will provide a useful perspective for residents and the District of Lillooet as the community moves forward.

Robopolls, also known as Interactive Voice Response polls, use a pre-recorded script that instructs those answering on how to use their telephone keypad to answer poll questions. While most robopolls are conducted over a one day period, IntegrityBC’s robopoll will take place over four days to ensure that as many local residents as possible have an opportunity to respond.

The organization sees robopolls and other similar types of public consultation and engagement as possible models for local councils across B.C.


IntegrityBC is a non-partisan voice championing accountability and integrity in BC politics. By empowering British Columbians, IntegrityBC hopes to changes politics in BC and allow citizens to regain trust in our government.

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Dermod Travis

Executive Director, IntegrityBC