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IntegrityBC petition:

To ban corporate and union donations and cap individual donations to BC’s political parties and to establish a Citizen’s Assembly on election finance reform.

To the Honourable Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia,

in Legislature Assembled:

We, the Undersigned petitioners and citizens of the Province of British Columbia, call on the Government of British Columbia and the Legislative Assembly to ban corporate and union donations to provincial political parties and to cap annual individual donations.

Furthermore, we call on the government to appoint a Citizens’ Assembly to study, report and make binding recommendations to the government for additional reforms to BC’s election finance laws, including: setting the annual cap on individual donations, annual public allowances to political parties, rebates of expenses incurred by candidates and parties during an election, rules governing the financing of municipal parties and candidates, public oversight and setting of rules governing and the financing of party nomination contests and leadership conventions, and the rules governing the extent of disclosure and reporting period of donor information to the general public.

These reforms will help promote transparency and accountability in BC politics.

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