IntegrityBC is laying the groundwork to change how politics is done in BC.

Helped protect British Columbians from election gag laws

Even though they failed the first time that didn’t deter the BC government from trying again to put a sock in the mouths of citizens, community organizations, chambers of commerce and unions by attempting to impose tough third party campaign spending rules which would have applied before an election was actually underway.

IntegrityBC intervened in the government’s constitutional reference to the Court of Appeal to oppose this legislation. As we noted before the Court, “it’s about the right of British Columbians – ordinary British Columbians – to participate fully in our province’s political life in a manner that is reasonable, equitable and constitutional.”

The B.C. Court of Appeal struck down the government’s gag law. We won and British Columbia won.

Launched the “Take back BC” campaign

In 2011, the largest political donation from a single donor was $960,000.

IntegrityBC is working to make such obscene donations a thing of the past, by launching the largest ever campaign to reform BC’s antiquated election laws.

Whether it’s in races for city hall or the BC legislature, our campaign calls for a ban on corporate and union funding of political parties, a cap on personal donations and a Citizen’s Assembly to study and make binding recommendations on a host of additional reforms.

Already three of BC’s four major political parties support many of our campaign goals, as do all of Vancouver’s municipal parties.

Uncovered prohibited political donations

We’ve uncovered prohibited political donations to BC’s major political parties.

But what was of more concern to us than just uncovering the donations themselves was what one of those donors freely admitted was the reasoning behind their donations: “It’s a cost-effective, time-effective way to interact with the people in government. That’s the way the system works.”

IntegrityBC doesn’t believe that’s the way the system should work. It’s why we’re working to reform these laws.

Revealed White House salaries dwarfed by BC city managers

Imagine how Victoria residents felt when they opened the Times Colonist to read that: “City execs’ salaries rise by up to 76% since 2007.” Reportedly, Victoria’s councillors were ‘shocked’ by the news. No kidding. So were we.

But as we revealed in July, Victoria isn’t alone when it comes to outlandish salaries for city managers.

According to IntegrityBC research, 116 municipal employees in 30 BC cities earned more than President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Jack Lew last year.

Exposed junkets charged to the taxpayer’s tab

IntegrityBC uncovered the fact that British Columbians had paid thousands of dollars for the former head of Elections BC, to take his wife on a business trip to Africa and for him to later stay at an exclusive private club in Washington, D.C. and an Arizona resort.

Records obtained by IntegrityBC via a freedom of information request also show Craig James – who has since been appointed clerk of British Columbia’s legislature – spent two-and-a-half times more on travel in four months of 2010 than his predecessor at Elections BC had claimed in the entire year prior.

Help us take back BC

On the streets, online and in the courtroom IntegrityBC is working to help restore accountability and integrity to BC politics. As one of our supporters wrote about our work: “…I LOVE that Integrity BC is bringing this info out.”

Imagine how much more we could do with your help and support.

IntegrityBC needs your help to ensure that our efforts at restoring accountability and transparency to BC politics can continue.


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