Vancouver council to be commended for passing campaign finance reform motion

(Victoria, 1 February 2012) –  IntegrityBC congratulates Vancouver city council for unanimously passing a motion from city councillor Andrea Reimer calling on the provincial government to reform the city’s antiquated campaign finance rules.

Reimer’s motion calls for a cap on annual donations to local candidates and elector organizations; a ban on union and corporate donations; set spending limits by candidates and organizations; and a requirement for continuous disclosure of donations and expenses.

“Ms. Reimer’s motion speaks to the very reforms that IntegrityBC’s “Who really runs BC?” campaign is calling for province-wide,” said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis. “The most important step at restoring accountability in government is to rid the province of the undue influence of big money in our political system.”

Vancouver’s decision falls on the heels of a similar motion by Los Angeles city council who voted in December to end the so-called “corporate personhood” that exists in the United States permitting companies to spend freely in U.S. elections under the guise of free speech.

IntegrityBC is a non-partisan organization championing accountability and integrity in BC politics. By empowering British Columbians, IntegrityBC hopes to change politics in BC letting citizens regain their trust in government.

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Dermod Travis, Executive Director