Pat Pimm tries to rag the puck

(Victoria, 13 November 2013) – B.C. Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm’s decision to seek guidance from B.C.’s conflict of interest commissioner over his lobbying of the Agricultural Land Commission is a thinly disguised attempt to buy time, according to IntegrityBC.

Yesterday, Pimm wrote the Conflict Commissioner asking him to provide advice to all B.C. MLAs on the duties of an elected official in their interactions with the ALC.

This followed news reports that Pimm had inappropriately interfered in a file before the ALC last spring and again in July.

The organization noted that the guidance Pimm is seeking already exists in the form of the Agricultural Land Commission’s policy statement concerning the role of elected officials in applications to the ALC.

In that statement, the Commission notes that:

“Elected officials at the provincial and local level have been given specific channels within the ALCA to influence decisions on applications to the ALC. Outside of those channels, they should not attempt to influence the ALC with regard to the outcome of a particular application the ALC is required to decide or reconsider impartially on the evidence and the merits of the application.”

Mr. Pimm is doing little more than forum shopping, hoping to find an opinion somewhere that will exonerate his ‘inappropriate’ actions with the ALC,” said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis.


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