Clock ticks on Clark’s answers

(Victoria, 10 May 2011) – With less than 24 hours before polls open in Vancouver-Point Grey, the Liberal party candidate, Premier Christy Clark, has still failed to respond to 11 questions submitted to each of the Point Grey candidates by IntegrityBC.

Clark, who has not attended a single all-candidates meeting during the by-election is the only candidate of the six running who has not yet completed the questionnaire.

“Clark’s failure to respond raises the obvious question: if you can’t provide straight answers before the election why should voters believe you’ll do so after,” said IntegrityBC’s Dermod Travis. “Campaigns should be about a clash of ideas and when one candidate abdicates their place in the debate it reflects a certain disdain towards the electorate.”

IntegrityBC has posted the answers from the other five Vancouver-Point Grey byelection candidates at its website

If Premier Clark responds before polls close on Wednesday, IntegrityBC will immediately post her answers.