IntegrityBC posts Dix responses to ‘person on the street’ questions

(Victoria, Monday, 8 August 2011) – IntegrityBC has posted BC NDP leader Adrian Dix’s responses to a series of questions posed to him by voters in Victoria shortly after he won his party’s leadership in April.

Following Dix and Christy Clark’s victories to the leadership of their two parties, IntegrityBC took to the streets of Victoria and Vancouver-Point Grey asking voters to pose their questions directly to the two leaders. The questions were posted to IntegrityBC’s YouTube channel on May 7th.

“What was most remarkable about these questions were their depth and quality given that voters were literally stopped on the street and asked to pose a question on the spot,” noted IntegrityBC’s managing director Dermod Travis. “It shows that BC voters are concerned about real issues and want real answers.”

Despite his HST campaign tour across BC, Adrian Dix found the time to sit down with IntegrityBC and answer the questions voters posed to him.  Adrian Dix response video

“It’s regrettable that the premier has not yet seen fit to respond to questions from the very voters she hopes to sway,” said Travis. “It’s one thing for her handlers to steer Clark away from unscripted encounters with voters, and another thing entirely when IntegrityBC provides the ‘crib sheets’ by posting the questions to its site.”

As part of its mission to change the way politics is done in BC, IntegrityBC sees social media as a way to develop innovative applications and tools to challenge the belief among many voters that “you can’t fight city hall.”

The original questions to the two leaders launched IntegrityBC’s VoxPop feature, a tool intended to help re-engage BC politicians with their electorate by prying Question Period open to ordinary voters.

“Too many politicians see social media as a one-way form of communication,” said Travis. “It’s why we set up VoxPop because we know it goes both ways and invite British Columbians to submit video questions to their MLAs.”

The organization will strive to solicit video responses to such questions and both the original question and response will be posted at