B.C. Liberals only party mum on reforming system

(Victoria, 9 May 2013) – Despite two opportunities to speak out on the issue, the B.C. Liberal party is the only major party in the election to remain silent on any possible reforms to make government more accountable to citizens in the province, according to IntegrityBC.

In February, the organization wrote each of B.C.’s 24 political parties with a series of recommendations for them to consider including in their election platforms. In April, the organization followed-up on the letter with a questionnaire for the parties.

While Premier Christy Clark acknowledged the February letter, the B.C. Liberal party did not put forward a single plank in their 84 page platform on any possible government reforms nor did the party respond to the organization’s questionnaire on issues ranging from reforms to the B.C. Election Act to strengthening the province’s access to information law to introducing whistleblower legislation as recommended by B.C.’s auditor-general.

β€œIt’s not surprising that the B.C. Liberals failed to answer the questionnaire when there’s not a syllable in their party platform about anything to do with democratic reform, but it is disappointing,” said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis.

IntegrityBC invites voters to visit its website to read responses from to its questionnaire and party websites of to read the platforms in full before casting their vote this Tuesday.

The responses are available at: www.integritybc.ca/?page_id=2832

The February letter can be consulted at: http://www.integritybc.ca/?page_id=1236

As of the close of nominations, seven of B.C.’s 24 parties are not running candidates in the election, and nine parties are each running two candidates or less. Only four candidates are running sufficient candidates to theoretically form government.

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Dermod Travis, Executive Director