It’s the “econo-ment” stupid

(Victoria, 22 April 2013) – If results from an IntegrityBC Facebook poll are any indication, the top issue that British Columbians want to hear discussed at next Monday’s televised leaders debate is each party’s vision for linking the gap between the environment and the economy, followed by democratic reforms, and public finances.

On April 12th IntegrityBC posted the following question to its Facebook page: “On April 29th, BC’s four main party leaders will meet in a televised debate. What issues do you believe should be addressed at that debate?”

As of April 19th, 1,720 votes were cast. The number one choice was for an issue submitted by Facebook users themselves: “Linking the gap between the environment and the economy.”

In all, users voted on 57 issues that IntegrityBC then grouped into seven broad issue areas: the environment/economy link (236 votes), democratic reforms (370), environment (290), public finances (176), poverty (137), healthcare (116), education (95) and the economy (71). There were 78 votes for reforming Canada’s cannabis laws.


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