IntegrityBC responds to Triumf statement

(Victoria, 27 April 2012) – Triumf’s attempt to explain away donations to the B.C. Liberals as their way of promoting science and technology advancement blemishes the laboratory’s reputation for excellence.

“If you accept Triumf’s explanation at face value, it would seem that no other political party in B.C. has an interest in promoting science or technology, since Triumf donates exclusively to the B.C. Liberals,” noted IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis. “But the gaping hole in their excuse: political parties don’t use donations to advance science and technology, they use them to advance their partisan interests.”

IntegrityBC was equally concerned by the laboratory’s explanation that the cash it donated to the Liberals was drawn from a small fund of private money that the lab earns or raises.


“With an excuse like this one can only conclude that the laboratory really is trying to answer the time-honoured question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin,” Travis noted. IntegrityBC pointed out that all universities raise or earn funds privately, but don’t use these monies as a way to get around the rules against donating to political parties.


“When SFU got caught earlier this year making donations to the B.C. Liberals, they didn’t claim that the money came from room rental fees, they took it on the chin,” said Travis. “And as a publicly funded body, Triumf should show more respect for the taxpayers who pay the lab’s bills.”


Triumf has two in-house lobbyists registered to lobby the B.C. government on advancing science and technology. Based at the University of British Columbia, Triumf is Canada’s publicly funded national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research and related sciences.



IntegrityBC is a non-partisan voice championing accountability and integrity in BC politics. By empowering British Columbians, IntegrityBC hopes to changes politics in BC and allow citizens to regain trust in our government.

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Dermod Travis

Executive Director, IntegrityBC


Yesterday, in response to IntegrityBC’s call for the B.C. Liberals to return the $3,370 that Triumf donated to the party, Canada’s publicly funded national laboratory for nuclear and particle physics research and related sciences issued a statement which can be read here: