Party Questionnaire

We have sent the following party questionnaire to all BC Political Parties with contact information, and will post the answers as soon as they get back to us.

Party Questionnaire

1. What is your party’s position on electoral finance reform: specifically banning corporate, union and out-of-province donations and capping personal donations?



Please outline your reasons for your opposition to such reforms.


2. Does your party envision greater oversight of leadership races and nomination contests by Elections BC and, if so, what are your party’s proposals in this regard?


3. Does your party support the principle that all incumbent MLAs should have to put their candidacy forward at each election through an open nomination meeting?


4. What other reforms to the Election Act will your party consider making?


5. What changes will your party introduce to the Local Government Act, specifically but not limited to the sections of the Act that govern local elections?


6. B.C.’s auditor general has reported on his concerns over the financial management practices at the BC legislature. What further changes will your party introduce to ensure greater transparency and accountability at the legislature?


7. Does your party envision a system that would allow for more free votes in the Legislature (where MLAs could vote their conscience or according to the wishes of their constituents) and, if so, in what situations would these votes be allowed?


8. How would your party amend the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act to end some of the abuses that have been reported recently regarding the Quick Wins strategy, specifically in the areas of the law that apply to political staff and what has become known as “oral government?”


9. Will your party introduce other laws – sometimes called Sunshine laws – including but not limited to whistleblower protection, as called for by BC’s auditor general?