BC Political Parties and Candidates

Provincial political parties



In its 2009 platform, the NDP pledged to ban corporate and union donations to political parties, a commitment reiterated by current party leader Adrian Dix in April 2012 and again in March 2013. On April 14th 2013, the NDP made this a formal campaign commitment.


Conservative Party
The party’s policy priorities include eliminating union and corporate political contributions of political parties and capping personal donations.


Green Party of BC
The Green Party of BC has called for campaign finance reform to eliminate corporate and union donations, to cap the amount of individual donations, and to restrict donations to residents of BC.


BC First
BC First will limit donations to political parties to citizens only with a cap of $1,000 to return the democratic process to the people instead of powerful interests.


Christian Heritage Party of BC
The Christian Heritage Party of BC would ban donations from corporations, unions, out of province persons and orgzanizations with special interest. They would also limit annual contributions to $5,000 per BC donor.


Independent MLAs

Bob Simpson, MLA (Cariboo North)
Bob Simpson, the Independent MLA for Cariboo North, tabled the Election Finance Amendment Act. The Bill restricts donations to candidates and political parties to registered British Columbia voters only, and caps those individual donations at $1000 per year. Click here to view the bill.



Vicki Huntington, MLA (Delta South)




John Van Dongen, MLA (Abbotsford South)




On February 6th 2013, Bob Simpson, Vicki Huntington and John Van Dongen released a six-point agenda for practical changes to improve BC’s legislature. The agenda included Election and Legislative reform, and specifically asked for Campaign Finance reform. Click here for more information.


2013 Independent candidates

Gary Young, Cariboo-Chilcotin