About us

IntegrityBC is a non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to help restore a bond built on trust and confidence between citizens and their elected officials.

Our staff and volunteers work very hard to achieve the mission of IntegrityBC.


Advancing legislative reform

Reforming BC’s electoral finance act to end corporate and union funding of BC political parties and capping annual donations by individual British Columbians

Ensuring that BC’s Access to Information Act fully serves its intended purpose in a timely manner, free of political interference

Improving protection for whistleblowers who report government waste and corruption
Encouraging public debate on electoral reform


Championing independent oversight of government and reforming our legislative process

Promoting the appointment of a BC ethics commissioner, an independent budget officer and the establishment of an independent government appointment’s office

Advocating for increases in existing government watchdog budgets for offices such as the BC Auditor General

Promoting the introduction of public hearings on legislative initiatives as a standard feature of the legislative process

Monitoring government contracts and appointments, including those of government agencies


Empowering British Columbians

Establishing an annual MLA questionnaire and constituent-graded report card

Releasing an annual report card on government integrity

Preparing and distributing election questionnaires and platform ratings

Introducing interactive programs to engage British Columbians through features such as “Ask your MLA”, IntegrityBC’s question period for British Columbians, in addition to developing innovative tools for community organizing

IntegrityBC will promote these initiatives in part through petitions and other outreach efforts including hosting all-candidate meetings, town hall meetings, and encouraging citizen involvement through letters to the editor and talk shows.

We will also facilitate and make public interventions and be available to comment on applicable government announcements.


A message from founder Wayne Crookes:


Like many British Columbians, I wish Premier Clark well in her new responsibilities, and look forward to her keeping the promises she’s made – and will make. However, I also believe that this time we can’t afford to leave it to chance.

For longer than many of us care to remember, British Columbia politics have been defined by governments that promised one thing during a campaign and did something else once they were in power.

And don’t forget the unrelenting and distorting effect of special interest money from businesses and unions, which has made political parties beholden to everyone except the people who count most – us.

And more often than not we’re the ones left holding the bag when things go south.

BC politicians must be held to account when they break their promises. Integrity doesn’t have a “best before” date.

It’s why I’ve chosen to found a new organization – IntegrityBC – to help hold the BC government accountable for the promises it makes to the very citizens that elect it, regardless of which party is in power. Because I believe you really can “fight city hall.”

But we need you.

Since you’re visiting our site, please sign up for our bulletins, tell us what you believe should be included in various legislation to help restore integrity and accountability to BC politics; and please participate in the various online forums and community events we will host.

Share your opinions – and experiences – with us at feedback@integritybc.ca.

Have a question for your MLA? We’ll be happy to try and elicit a response and post it to our YouTube channel. Or post your own videos about important local issues that deserve more province-wide attention. Join our Facebook page, and of course, stay up-to-date by following our Twitter feed. And please tell your friends to get involved as well!

BC can do better, but only when each and every citizen is engaged in its governance. So let’s get going, because BC needs each of us.

Wayne Crookes

Founder, IntegrityBC