Amplifying your voice

With the BC provincial election just weeks away, IntegrityBC believes that everyone should be able to express their opinions and communicate them as effectively as possible. With that in mind we’ve created this webpage to help you write relevant content, find allies and be able to promote your ideas or events across the web, in your community and on the streets.

The following links will help you promote events, write interesting news releases and reach corners of the internet that you might not have considered.

We hope organizations and individuals interested in politics will benefit from from these resources. And remember that we are here to help in any way we can. Contact us at if you have any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

PS: Please don’t run afoul of the Elections Act in regards to third-party advertising and spending. Visit to learn more.


A Quick Guide to Writing Letters to the Editor – Times Colonist writer Dave Obee explains how to write letters to newspaper and magazine editors to make them relevant and publishable.

Where to send your letter – If you want to send your newly written letter to a newspaper, here is a list of the most popular provincial and community papers.

Contact Radio Shows – A concise guide on how to contact your favorite political radio shows and news.

A Guide to Issuing News Releases – A document that talks about how to write great and structured news releases for a wide audience.

How to Promote your Events (For Free!) – Learn how to spread the word around the web and across print media with this short but concise article.

How to start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes – Jeff Bullas writes a short guide on how to create a WordPress blog where you can express your political opinions online.

How to Promote Petitions – Idealware wrote a concise guide on how to promote petitions online.’s “Promote Your Petition” – If you are using, read about how best to promote your petition through their site.

Relevant Hashtags in BC Politics – If you are a twitter fan, David Akin has compiled a list of relevant Hashtags in BC politics. For a larger selection of hashtags, click here.

Pressure vs. Persuasion – M+R Strategic Services compares and contrasts pressure & persuasion tactics in writing everything from online videos to flyers.

Find Allies – Mostly for organizations and communities, this Dogwood Initiative report extensively covers everything you need to do to find and persuade Allies to join your cause.