Tuesday’s ‘culture of entitlement’ gives way to Thursday’s ‘culture of impunity’

(Victoria, 15 March 2013) – Yesterday’s report by Deputy Minister to the Premier John Dyble revealed what can only be described as the sense of a ‘culture of impunity’ within the B.C. Liberal caucus and staff, according to IntegrityBC.

On Tuesday, auditor general John Doyle referred to a ‘culture of entitlement’ when it came to spending at the legislature, but Dyble’s report on the B.C. Liberal party’s “Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan” points to something more worrisome: the attitude that laws, standards of conduct and public sector policies may not always apply at the legislature.

“The rules are not rocket science,” said IntegrityBC executive director Dermod Travis. “They were put in place exactly to prevent such types of malfeasance as the multicultural outreach plan.”

Within the limited scope given to the review team, the Dyble report does represent a thorough review of the outreach plan, according to IntegrityBC.

One example of the team’s meticulous work is that in less than two weeks former advanced education and multiculturalism minister John Yap went from being a fall-guy to the go-to-guy.

Yap – who describes his actions as a ‘lapse in judgement’ – should reflect on the appropriateness of his candidacy in advance of the upcoming May 14th election in light of the Dyble report, IntegrityBC believes.

And in boasting that staff who resigned did not take a cent in severance, as Premier Christy Clark has done repeatedly over the past two weeks, misses the point.

“These individuals broke the rules, the fact that they did not take a cent in severance should be expected not highlighted for a kudo,” said Travis.

IntegrityBC is also calling for Liberal caucus chair Gordon Hogg’s report to be released publicly for the added perspective it could provide on the outreach plan.

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